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Re: putty terminfo wrong regarding cursor keys?

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: putty terminfo wrong regarding cursor keys?
Date: Wed, 4 Jan 2017 21:35:00 -0500
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On Wed, Jan 04, 2017 at 07:34:37PM +0100, Moritz Bunkus wrote:
> Hey,
> it seems to me that the putty terminfo files are wrong about the cursor
> keys. I'm currently using the latest putty available from its home
> page[1], v0.67 beta. Before reporting the following I've made sure to
> erase all of putty's stored settings from the registry, and I've created
> a whole new user to test with on my Arch Linux box.
> On Arch Linux I'm currently using Arch's ncurses 6.0+20161224-1
> package. It does contain a terminfo file for putty in
> /lib/terminfo/p/putty.

odd - it's consistent with the Unix port "pterm", but not the original
Windows putty.

I may have confused the two at some point (will see when...).
Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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