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Is there any notimeout-nodelay interaction?

From: CLEX
Subject: Is there any notimeout-nodelay interaction?
Date: Thu, 9 Jun 2016 20:55:21 +0200
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Dear ncurses maintainers,

I'm writing to you because a code that worked fine for about a decade recently broke down and I am unable to find the reason for it. It might be a bug in the ncursesw library or something that I have overlooked. Could you please kindly take a look?

The initialization basically looks like this:


and the input routine uses get_wch(). It is a blocking read.

Few weeks ago users who installed a new version of Ubuntu Linux have reported problems. I have found out that get_wch() started to behave as non-blocking read and was immediately returning ERR value meaning no key.

Commenting out the notimeout() call fixed the problem.

However, according to the man page on my system, notimeout() controls escape sequence interpretation. The function changing the get_wch()'s behaviour from blocking to non-blocking is a different one. It's the nodelay() function and that one was not called.

In my understanding, calling notimeout() should not have the described effect, shouldn't it?

Many thanks.

   Vlado Potisk

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