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[PATCH] support F13-F24 and colour on OpenBSD VGA console

From: Tati Chevron
Subject: [PATCH] support F13-F24 and colour on OpenBSD VGA console
Date: Sun, 8 Nov 2015 17:29:08 +0000
User-agent: Mutt/1.5.23 (2014-03-12)


The attached diff makes some changes to the pccon entry that supports
the OpenBSD VGA console.

* F13-F24, which were previous undefined, are now defined.

* The sgr definition has been changed to match the vt-220
 entry, allowing 16 colours instead of 8.

* The bold sequence is now defined.

This patch has been approved by Nicholas Marriott on OpenBSD-tech.


--- termtypes.master.1.55.dist  Sun Nov  8 15:20:37 2015
+++ termtypes.master    Sun Nov  8 15:42:04 2015
@@ -2184,13 +2184,16 @@
        kf4=\E[14~, kf5=\E[15~, kf6=\E[17~, kf7=\E[18~, kf8=\E[19~,
        kf9=\E[20~, khome=\E[7~, kich1=\E[2~, knp=\E[6~, kpp=\E[5~,
+       kf13=\E[25~, kf14=\E[26~, kf15=\E[28~, kf16=\E[29~,
+       kf17=\E[31~, kf18=\E[32~, kf19=\E[33~, kf20=\E[34~,
+       kf21=\E[35~, kf22=\E[36~, kf23=\E[37~, kf24=\E[38~,
pccon+sgr+acs0|sgr and simple ASCII pseudographics for OpenBSD PC console,
        sgr=\E[0%?%p1%p3%|%t;7%;m, sgr0=\E[m,
pccon+sgr+acs|sgr and default ASCII pseudographics for OpenBSD PC console,
        enacs=\E)0$<5>, rmacs=\E(B$<5>,
-       sgr=\E[0%?%p1%p3%|%t;7%;m%?%p9%t\E(0%e\E(B%;$<5>,
        sgr0=\E[m\E(B$<5>, smacs=\E(0$<5>,
pccon+colors|ANSI colors for OpenBSD PC console,
@@ -2199,7 +2202,7 @@
pccon+base|base capabilities for OpenBSD PC console,
        am, km, mc5i, msgr, npc, nxon, xenl, xon,
        cols#80, it#8, lines#24,
-       bel=^G, clear=\E[H\E[J, cr=^M, cub1=^H, cud1=^J, cuf1=\E[C,
+       bel=^G, bold=\E[1m, clear=\E[H\E[J, cr=^M, cub1=^H, cud1=^J, cuf1=\E[C,
        cup=\E[%i%p1%d;%p2%dH, cuu1=\E[A, dch=\E[%p1%dP,
        dch1=\E[P, dl1=\E[M, ech=\E[%p1%dX, ed=\E[J, el=\E[K,
        el1=\E[1K, home=\E[H, ht=^I, hts=\EH, ich=\E[%p1%d@,

Tati Chevron
Perl and FORTRAN specialist.
SWABSIT development and migration department.

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