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Re: Mouse button handling

From: Anders Juel Jensen
Subject: Re: Mouse button handling
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2011 01:07:10 +0200

With Damien's patch i get a much more responsive interaction - as in,
now mouse-clicks aren't vanishing into thin air.

That being said, I still get some funny behavior, like getting
BUTTON1_CLICKED despite only having set mousemask to the PRESSED
and RELEASED variants.  Attached is my small test program. Sorry for
the use of panels, but for mysterious reasons I can't get screen output
without (?!?). It should at least illustrate the _CLICKED problem, and
if you are lucky enough you might also see a "We got KEY_MOUSE but there
was no pending event?!?". That one is pretty hard to reproduce - but
I have gotten it twice while doing heavy mouse workout :P
Oh, and I to get movements for scroll, and nowhere else.

Also I seem incapable of setting up an xterm
correctly for mouse position reporting... I tried "xterm -tn
xterm-1003" with no luck, so I figure I'd better go investigate, and lo
and behold, running infocmp on both xterm and xterm-1003 showed no
difference.. err.. this is wrong, right?

ncurses-5.9-patch0 + Damien's patch configured like this:
  --with-gpm \
  --disable-termcap \
  --with-normal \
  --with-shared \
  --enable-symlinks \
  --without-debug \
  --without-profile \
  --without-ada \
  --with-chtype=long \
  --with-mmask-t=long \
  --program-suffix="" \
  --program-prefix="" \

What am I doing wrong here?

Happy hacking!

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