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UTF-8 support

From: Axel Heinrici
Subject: UTF-8 support
Date: Fri, 17 Sep 2004 14:04:57 +0200
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I think I found a bug.
This problem occurs on SuSE9.1 with centericq 4.11.0. The System has 
ncurses 5.4-61. Locale is set to utf-8. Centericq seems to be handling 
utf-8 in the correct way. I can send and receive messages with 
non-ASCII-characters. There is absolutely no problem with non-ASCII 
characters in normal shell operation. Also everything not coming from 
keyboard seems to be displayed correctly.
The Problem comes when typing german umlauts. These display as two boxes 
the moment they are typed. Centericq has "redraw screen" function. This 
fixes the display of the umlauts. This makes me think this bug is a 
curses problem because centericq is supposed to do nothing with the 
characters on invoking "redraw screen".
After the redraw the cursor movement gets corrupted. Sometimes I can 
backspace to the left out of the "edit message" box. Sometimes the 
right margins of the edit box get moved one position left for every 
pair of boxes which is turned into one character after redraw in the 
specific line. Sometimes there are non erasable D or [ visible which 
also vanish on the next redraw.
I don't know if anyone is interested in this issue. I am still not sure 
if this a ncurses or a centericq bug. Anyway I thought it is worth 
informing someone about this.

My C-programming experience is very little. So I can not assist with the 
code itself. But I am willing to try to patch compile and test if 
anyone is doing the code.


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