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RADncurses option

From: Rick Engebretson
Subject: RADncurses option
Date: Mon, 17 May 2004 12:28:40 -0500

For those looking for RAD ncurses implementation, may I suggest Pascal. 
Both FreePascal and GnuPascal use the ncurses library, along with terminal 
port libraries.

For those coming from the VisualBasic environment, you might be pleasantly 
surprised by Pascal. VisualBasic is more like ObjectPascal than it is like 
earlier QBasic.

Further, various Pascal objects and classes are defined that allow very 
dynamic GUI design. The Application object and Collection object are 
modeled after TurboVision, but are similarly capable of huge applications 
such as StarOffice. (However, multiple inheritance in these apps is a mess 
for the casual programmer.)

It would be nice to see the development of an ncurses Visual Component 
Library, to be managed within a pascal Collection object.

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