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Re: quite annoying bug in ncurses

From: Thomas Dickey
Subject: Re: quite annoying bug in ncurses
Date: Sat, 3 Apr 2004 12:32:30 -0500
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On Fri, Apr 02, 2004 at 07:49:51PM +0200, Per ??yvind Karlsen wrote:
> Hi, we're trying to figure out quite an annoying bug in ncurses which affects 
> irssi, mutt, nano etc.
> Problem is explained here:
> http://qa.mandrakesoft.com/show_bug.cgi?id=7209
> I've checked with the latest patches and problem still exists, help would 
> really be appreciated:)

I'd noticed similar complaint (via google, of course) for gentoo.  It's likely
that this is the same issue.  Gentoo's packager used "xterm-xfree86" as
"xterm".  That introduced a feature which is not implemented in gnome-terminal.
That's not a bug in ncurses, but a defect in their packaging.

Reportedly gnome-terminal implements some of the features which I noted here as
differences.  For instance (I noticed recently in the context of a bug report
which should have been forwarded to me), recent (?) gnome-terminal copies the
function-keys portion of this (and a quick check with Debian's version shows
that it does - partly).  None of that shows up in its documentation however.

The features which are an issue here are indn and rin.

comparing xterm-xfree86 to gnome.
    comparing booleans.
        mc5i: T:F.
        npc: T:F.
    comparing numbers.
    comparing strings.
        blink: '\E[5m', NULL.
        cbt: '\E[Z', NULL.
        cnorm: '\E[?12l\E[?25h', '\E[?25h'.
        cvvis: '\E[?12;25h', NULL.
        el1: '\E[1K', NULL.
        enacs: '\E(B\E)0', '\E)0'.
        hpa: '\E[%i%p1%dG', NULL.
        ich: '\E[%p1%d@', NULL.
        indn: '\E[%p1%dS', NULL.
        invis: '\E[8m', NULL.
        is2: '\E[!p\E[?3;4l\E[4l\E>', 
        kDC: '\E[3;2~', NULL.
        kEND: '\E[1;2F', NULL.
        kHOM: '\E[1;2H', NULL.
        kIC: '\E[2;2~', NULL.
        kLFT: '\E[1;2D', NULL.
        kNXT: '\E[6;2~', NULL.
        kPRV: '\E[5;2~', NULL.
        kRIT: '\E[1;2C', NULL.
        kb2: '\EOE', NULL.
        kbs: '^H', '\177'.
        kcbt: '\E[Z', '\E^I'.
        kend: '\EOF', NULL.
        kent: '\EOM', NULL.
        kf13: '\EO2P', '\E[25~'.
        kf14: '\EO2Q', '\E[26~'.
        kf15: '\EO2R', '\E[28~'.
        kf16: '\EO2S', '\E[29~'.
        kf17: '\E[15;2~', '\E[31~'.
        kf18: '\E[17;2~', '\E[32~'.
        kf19: '\E[18;2~', '\E[33~'.
        kf20: '\E[19;2~', '\E[34~'.
        kf21: '\E[20;2~', NULL.
        kf22: '\E[21;2~', NULL.
        kf23: '\E[23;2~', NULL.
        kf24: '\E[24;2~', NULL.
        kf25: '\EO5P', NULL.
        kf26: '\EO5Q', NULL.
        kf27: '\EO5R', NULL.
        kf28: '\EO5S', NULL.
        kf29: '\E[15;5~', NULL.
        kf30: '\E[17;5~', NULL.
        kf31: '\E[18;5~', NULL.
        kf32: '\E[19;5~', NULL.
        kf33: '\E[20;5~', NULL.
        kf34: '\E[21;5~', NULL.
        kf35: '\E[23;5~', NULL.
        kf36: '\E[24;5~', NULL.
        kf37: '\EO6P', NULL.
        kf38: '\EO6Q', NULL.
        kf39: '\EO6R', NULL.
        kf40: '\EO6S', NULL.
        kf41: '\E[15;6~', NULL.
        kf42: '\E[17;6~', NULL.
        kf43: '\E[18;6~', NULL.
        kf44: '\E[19;6~', NULL.
        kf45: '\E[20;6~', NULL.
        kf46: '\E[21;6~', NULL.
        kf47: '\E[23;6~', NULL.
        kf48: '\E[24;6~', NULL.
        kfnd: NULL, '\E[1~'.
        khome: '\EOH', NULL.
        kslt: NULL, '\E[4~'.
        mc0: '\E[i', NULL.
        mc4: '\E[4i', NULL.
        mc5: '\E[5i', NULL.
        rin: '\E[%p1%dT', NULL.
        rmcup: '\E[?1049l', '\E[2J\E[?47l\E8'.
        rmso: '\E[27m', '\E[m'.
        rmul: '\E[24m', '\E[m'.
        rs1: '\Ec', NULL.
        rs2: '\E[!p\E[?3;4l\E[4l\E>', 
'\E[4%?%p1%{1}%=%t4%e%p1%{3}%=%t6%e%p1%{4}%=%t1%e%p1%{6}%=%t3%e%p1%d%;m', NULL.
'\E[3%?%p1%{1}%=%t4%e%p1%{3}%=%t6%e%p1%{4}%=%t1%e%p1%{6}%=%t3%e%p1%d%;m', NULL.
        sgr0: '\E[m\017', '\E[m'.
        smcup: '\E[?1049h', '\E7\E[?47h'.
        tbc: '\E[3g', NULL.
        vpa: '\E[%i%p1%dd', NULL.

Thomas E. Dickey <address@hidden>

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