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The United States Healthcare Directory

From: Barbara Caldwell
Subject: The United States Healthcare Directory
Date: Fri, 29 Mar 2002 14:59:56 -0600

We are publishers of specialized reports and directories 
dealing with public affairs.  Our new directory, 
"The United States Healthcare Directory" covers hospitals, 
nursing homes, HMOs, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, 
group medical practices, medical manufacturers, etc.  It is available 
at an introductory price of $245.  If you are interested 
in receiving this directory, please provide us with your mailing 
address or visit our website at www.national-directories.com.

Please be advised that this E-mail is not SPAM under the Federal 
Regulatory laws of the United States.  This message is being sent 
to you in compliance with the proposed Federal Legislation for 
commercial e-mail (H.R. 4176-Section 101, Paragraph (e) (1) (A)) and 
Bill s. 1618 Title III passed by the 105th US Congress.

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