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Terminfo description for gnome-terminal

From: Rick Richardson
Subject: Terminfo description for gnome-terminal
Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 11:52:38 -0600
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Here's the setup... Redhat 7.2 with all updates, gnome-terminal, and my own ncurses based application that uses ncurses and

The problem I'm experiencing is a few lines of the screen aren't
getting updated and previous screen contents are left behind.  The
problem shows up fairly rarely using the application, although I can
make it happen repeatably and at will.  However, a call to
wrefresh(curscr) repaints the screen properly (key ^L is mapped in my
application to manually do this).

I spent several hours before coming to the conclusion that the problem
was not within ncurses itself, but rather within the terminfo
description, the terminal library, or gnome-terminal.

If I run the application within gnome-terminal with TERM=xterm, I
get this fairly rare but annoying problem.  Everything else works
perfectly, as do mutt and vi.

If I run the application within gnome-terminal with TERM=rxvt, the
problem disappears (but now the key bindings are incorrect).  It also
works perfectly fine within an rxvt.

If I run the application within gnome-terminal with TERM=gnome, the
screen is messed up right from the beginning - the application is
completely unusable with this TERM setting.

This is driving me nuts.  Is this a known problem?  What terminfo
description should be used with Redhat 7.2's gnome-terminal v1.4.0.4?
Is changing to TERM=rxvt just masking a problem in the low-level
screen update functions?  How should I proceed in order to point the
fickle finger of blame in the proper direction?

Thanks in advance for any hints,


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