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Re: \rest and chords

From: Daniel Johnson
Subject: Re: \rest and chords
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 10:49:32 -0700
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Han-Wen Nienhuys wrote:
Mark Dewey schreef:

With Lilypond 2.9.7, for Windows (I'm using Windows 2000), I'm having some trouble with \rest. These issues did not occur with Lilypond 2.6.5 for Windows.

In certain contexts, b'4\rest (I don't think the duration matters), in the treble clef, and d4\rest in the bass clef seem to produce erroneous results.

b'4\rest makes a rest in the f''4 position
d4\rest makes a rest in the a position

This only happens, it seems, in certain contexts with chords. Here is an
example demonstrating the problem:

\version "2.9.7"

thanks, fixed in CVS.

Does this fix the following bug? I noticed this recently but hadn't gotten around to filing a bugreport yet.

\version "2.9.5"
\score {
      \new Staff <<
\new Voice { \voiceOne c''4 r4 c'''4 \override Rest #'staff-position = #0 r4 } \new Voice { \voiceTwo r4 c'4 \override Rest #'staff-position = #0.0001 r4 c'4 }

Note that setting staff-position to zero does nothing, but setting it to 0.0001 has the desired effect.

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