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Over long system. 2.9.7

From: Trent Johnston
Subject: Over long system. 2.9.7
Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2006 18:17:32 +1000

Hi All,

I've come across a strange behaviour in version 2.7.9.

The 16th system in the attached score continues off the page. I had thought
there were input problems in the file but under 2.9.3 this error does not
occur. In the full version of the file the same error in the 16th system
occurs but different bars are involved.

I've also noticed that on one score that the last system is far too cramped
with notes and rests running into each other. It seems obvious that the last
system should be slipt into two  - there are six bars in this system and up
until this point the music has been running at 3 bars per system so it's
strange why lilypond tries so hard to fit the last 6 bars into one system.



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