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Re: [bug-libunistring] [platform-testers] libunistring 0.9.6 first relea

From: Daiki Ueno
Subject: Re: [bug-libunistring] [platform-testers] libunistring 0.9.6 first release candidate
Date: Tue, 30 Jun 2015 17:19:16 +0900
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Dagobert Michelsen <address@hidden> writes:

>> address@hidden
>> [unstable10s]:~/slave/libunistring-solaris10-sparc/build/tests >
>> libtool --mode=execute dbx test-u16-strstr
>> For information about new features see `help changes'
>> To remove this message, put `dbxenv suppress_startup_message 7.6' in
>> your .dbxrc
>> Reading test-u16-strstr
>> Reading ld.so.1
>> Reading libunistring.so.2.0.0
>> Reading libiconv.so.2.5.1
>> Reading libc.so.1
>> (dbx) run                                                                    
>> Running: test-u16-strstr 
>> (process id 23637)
>> Reading libc_psr.so.1
>> terminating signal 14 SIGALRM
>> (dbx) 

What will be shown if you type "where" after that?

Daiki Ueno

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