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Re: [Bug-gsl] possible bug in GSL

From: Brian Gough
Subject: Re: [Bug-gsl] possible bug in GSL
Date: Mon, 15 Feb 2010 11:07:31 +0000
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At Thu, 11 Feb 2010 11:13:01 -0500,
Gunjan Verma wrote:
> I guess the end result of this is that I still feel there is a
> "logical" gap in that the GSL runtime assumes the presence of
> gsl_isnan , but there is a theoretical possibility at least, that it
> does not get defined at build time (if both flags are 0).  I think
> the solution to close this gap would be to refuse to build GSL if
> both "have_isnan" and "have_ieee comparisons" are set to 0.

I've just added a final #else #error clause if the #ifdef's fail to
define gsl_isnan or gsl_finite so at least the problem will be more
obvious in future.

Brian Gough

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