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Re: licenses of tests

From: Jim Meyering
Subject: Re: licenses of tests
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2009 09:44:36 +0100

Eric Blake wrote:
> Here's what I'll push, then.  My sed script for automating the second was just
> arcane enough that I had to document it in the commit comment.
> Subject: [PATCH 2/2] tests: remove License section from module
> Per modules/TEMPLATE-TESTS, test modules do not need a license
> section.  This is because all tests are implicitly GPLv3+, with
> no conflict even in an LGPL or GPLv2 client, because the tests
> are not linked into the client executable.  Delete the existing
> License sections with the following:
>   find modules -name '*-tests' | xargs grep -l License \
>     | xargs sed -i '/^$/N; /License:/,$ d'

Those changes look fine.  Thanks.

In case there's a next time, you'd want to add a "^"
before the "License:" in that sed command:

  find modules -name '*-tests' | xargs grep -l License \
        | xargs sed -i '/^$/N; /^License:/,$ d'

Otherwise, there is a small risk of malfunction.
Currently we're safe: there *are* unrelated occurrences of "License",
but none with a following colon.

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