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Re: test-symlink failure on MinGW

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: test-symlink failure on MinGW
Date: Sun, 27 Dec 2009 08:04:55 -0700
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According to Simon Josefsson on 12/27/2009 3:06 AM:
> I got this error when cross-compiling to MinGW:
> ../../../src/libidn-1.16/gltests/test-symlink.c:43: assertion failed
> FAIL: test-symlink.exe
> The reason is use of a system call.  I changed it into a shell script
> wrapper instead.  OK to push?

Not as is.  It would be much nicer to figure out why the system call is
failing for you; it works for me when I cross compile from cygwin to
mingw.  And there are a lot more tests than just test-symlink.c that used
the same idiom.  They would all need the same fix.  Does system() work at
all in your environment, even for simple tasks like an echo (which should
be a builtin, regardless of whether system() uses sh or cmd)?  If so, then
maybe your problem is locating and running rm once the system call is started.

One thing that I would be more comfortable with is just weakening those
system() calls to no longer be wrapped in an ASSERT - if it fails for a
cross compile to mingw, that's no big loss, provided the test passes
normally and leaves no garbage.  That line is really meant for cleanup
from previous partial runs, to make it easier to debug failures.  But now
that most of the failures for mingw have been debugged, there shouldn't
(normally) be anything to clean up.  I really don't see a reason to add a
shell script wrapper just for this special case.

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