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bug#21509: 25.0.50; X11 error: BadPixmap when creating first emacsclient

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#21509: 25.0.50; X11 error: BadPixmap when creating first emacsclient frame; and memory leak
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 2017 11:40:54 +0200

> The plot attached the last time shows all
> of the raw data, and you should clearly see the different slopes of the
> two trials: i.e. one is leaking and the other is not.
> Again, the plot is much more descriptive.

I sadly have to admit that I misinterpreted your last posts completely
simply because I then missed the pdf attachment (which I usually don't
see with my settings).  When you were talking about blue and green lines
I thought of them as borders we'd better not transgress ...  So most of
my earlier remarks were just silly.

Now everything is much much clearer to me.  In fact, your plots make it
easy to distinguish the "upfront" consumption from the actual leaks and
allow to see the leakage clearly.  I'll eventually have to include links
to your plots in the code.

> Does any of this speak to you?

The only thing that still stupefies me is why an 80k cons threshold
eventually produces strictly more leakage than the 800k and 8000k ones.
Do you have an explanation for that?  Doesn't that also mean that with
such a low threshold running the test for some twenty minutes will have
us run out of memory?

Ah yes.  Could you please run GTK (not the crashing one) with the 80k
and 8000k cons thresholds too?

Many thanks, martin

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