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bug#28605: 26.0.60; Part of leftmost character hidden

From: martin rudalics
Subject: bug#28605: 26.0.60; Part of leftmost character hidden
Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2017 10:10:30 +0200

> Yes, I think removing the calculation for left is the correct fix (at
> least it looks correct here). The horizontal scrollbars need fixing as
> well, see below.

Looks good to me.  Ola, can you check whether Robert's patch fixes
horizontal scroll bars on your system?

> xg_update_scrollbar_pos and xg_update_horizontal_scrollbar_pos
> are now 99% identical apart from the 'hidden' check.

Could you refactor them?  Note that unless you have done so already, you
will probably have to sign papers anyway so that we can install your
patch.  If you don't sign, we can probably apply the fix for vertical
scroll bars at most.  Eli will decide how to proceed then.

> I don't think this will be the final version: I sometimes get the echo
> area being the wrong size...

How?  Is the mode line of the window above fully visible or does the
horizontal scroll bar overdraw the mode line of its window and the echo

Thanks for your continuous efforts to get this working, martin

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