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bug#793: 23.0.60; dead keys not correctly in use

From: Peter Dyballa
Subject: bug#793: 23.0.60; dead keys not correctly in use
Date: Wed, 30 Dec 2015 12:21:06 +0100

Am 30.12.2015 um 01:50 schrieb Andrew Hyatt:

> I'm having trouble understanding how to reproduce this. Would
> I need your specific keyboard? If so, what kind is it? If not, can you
> give me more concrete steps to reproduce?

Hello Andrew!

GNU Emacs 23.0.60 is long ago and actually I don't have that version around 
anymore – problems with updated dynamic shared libraries.

My keyboard was then the German keyboard of an Apple PowerBook G4 (now it's 
that of a MacBook). Some keyboard shortcuts in Mac OS X seem to be bound to 
particular positions so that they make no sense with the German layout (US 
American ; or ' become German ö and ä for example). Could be the problem was 
then that I could not compose accented letters in GNU Emacs that worked in 
Carbon Emacs, the native Mac OS X or Aqua version.

Anyway, the problem was then, seven years ago, the lack of Unicode support or 
my inability to use it properly, so that I had to use ISO translations then 
because I need for European languages support more than a set of US-ASCII 7-bit 

I think that you can simply close that old bug report. With Unicode support GNU 
Emacsen 23, 24, 25 work alright.



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