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bug#16750: Feedback on the manual

From: Jay Belanger
Subject: bug#16750: Feedback on the manual
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2014 20:58:26 -0600
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> I still can't think of a scenario where one would want to keep
> jumping.


> And yes, you can't satisfy everyone. You need not, as well.. But still
> there should be people who might feel the same way as me..

People like you don't need to jump; nobody is forced to.

> and as long as you care.. one quick suggestion would be to release a
> short user guide (different from manual) with enough pictures and no
> hyperlinks which will help people quickly to begin with, and later
> proceed with the manual in place..

Eli pointed out that pictures is a good idea.  Does the tutorial count
as a short user guide?  What about the guided tour?  Actually, the
guided tour has a lot of pictures included in it.
Since nobody is forced to use hyperlinks, there is no reason for them to
be omitted.  People who don't want them can ignore them, people who want
them can follow them.

> Regarding the 'C-h t' part.. yes the YouTube video taught me where and
> how I need to issue that command..

The Emacs Help menu also takes you to the tutorial, which tells you what
the commands do.

> I don't want this to be an argument on who's right.. but as long as
> you're ready to lend ears to some suggestions, I would once again like
> to quote the picture thing.. window, buffer or whatever terminology
> you try to explain there with alphanumeric, try with a picture
> instead. That will serve the purpose..

More pictures might be useful; currently, the Guided tour is heavily

> Once again.. I really really appreciate your efforts.. though I have
> some concerns, you have did a great job there and I appreciate it..
> regarding volunteering, not sure how long it takes for me to master
> emacs, but when I do.. I would definitely contribute in ways I can..

You don't need to master Emacs to contribute; in fact, if you are trying
to help with the beginning information, suggestions from someone not
familiar with Emacs might be the most helpful.  

When Emacs starts up (unless the splash screen is turned off), there is
a list of resources for learning Emacs.  Is there anything else you
think should be there?  I would think the tutorial would be where new
users would start off.  I take it you think the tutorial should contain
images; any other suggestions?

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