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[bug-gawk] bug reports: [extreme value for scientific notation]

From: minxian wang
Subject: [bug-gawk] bug reports: [extreme value for scientific notation]
Date: Tue, 21 Apr 2015 12:16:13 -0400

Hi there, 

I met a very wired problem by using gwak(4.0.1) or awk(4.0.1), like below example:

printf '3.142e-321 123\n3.142e-32 234' | gawk  '{if($1<1e-3) print $0}'

we should expect two lines were outputted, but only the last line "3.142e-32 234" can be outputted.

I tested the positive smallest one which can't be recognized is that value less than 1e-309. 

Nothing will be outputted by the following _expression_: 

printf '3.142e-321 123\n1e-309 234' | gawk  '{if($1<1e-3) print $0}'

Thanks !

Best regards

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