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[bug-gawk] man page issues

From: Assaf Gordon
Subject: [bug-gawk] man page issues
Date: Thu, 4 Dec 2014 21:21:59 -0500


Somewhat related to previous discussion:

With the new gawk manual pages (gawk 4.1.1), some issues with the man pages.

Now sure if I'm doing something wrong, or is it a 'man' bug,
or is there a way to fix it.

On Mac OS X:
$ man --help | head
man, version 1.6c

usage: man [-adfhktwW] [section] [-M path] [-P pager] [-S list]
        [-m system] [-p string] name ...

$ man -k fnmatch
fnmatch(3am)             - compare a string against a filename wildcard
fnmatch(3)               - test whether a filename or pathname matches a 
shell-style pattern

## But all these show the GAWK fnmatch:
$ man fnmatch
$ man 3 fnmatch
$ man 3am fnmatch

Where as on Debian 7, "man -k" does't list the files from 
"/usr/local/share/man" despite being able to display them:
$ man --version
$ man -k fnmatch
fnmatch (3)          - match filename or pathname
$ man -k filefuncs
filefuncs: nothing appropriate.

# This shows libc's fnmatch(a)
$ man 3 fnmatch

# This shows gawk's fnmatch
$ man 3am fnmatch

# This shows gawk's filefuncs
$ man filefuncs

Any tips on how to fix these ?

 - Assaf

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