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can't resurrect removed file

From: Jim Keniston
Subject: can't resurrect removed file
Date: Fri, 11 Mar 2011 15:32:31 -0800

Hi.  A former co-worker removed a file (apparently using cvs remove
followed by cvs commit).  The sourceforge SCM view shows its state as
"dead".  Unfortunately, the file (Makefile.am) is required for my
package build, so I need it back.

I tried "cvs add Makefile.am" (which was accepted) followed by "cvs ci
Makefile.am", but the latter failed with the message
cvs commit: failed to move `/cvsroot/.../doc/Attic/Makefile.am,v' out of
the attic: Permission denied
... and the file's state is still "dead".

I have permission to do all the usual CVS stuff in this project, so I'm
not sure where the "Permission denied" message comes from.

I've poked around on the web quite a bit looking for a solution, and I
see other reports of the same problem, but no solutions.  The CVS
documentation doesn't seem to address the possibility that you'd want to
resurrect a removed file AFTER you've committed the removal.

My workaround is to grab the Makefile.am from a previous release's
source tarball and put it in place for the package build.

Any suggestions?

Jim Keniston

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