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Re: strange difference display for unchanged source code

From: Larry Jones
Subject: Re: strange difference display for unchanged source code
Date: Fri, 23 Oct 2009 14:20:46 -0400

SF Markus Elfring writes [quoting me]:
> > As far as CVS is concerned, *all* changes are "relevant".  If CVS says
> > there's a change, then there's a change.
> I have got my doubts.

I don't.  CVS does a byte-by-byte comparison of the files; it *can't*
get it wrong.

> I would be interested to know if edits by other developers in other
> software environments will also trigger update indications for untouched
> parts of this source file.


> I am curious about how I can make the details of the "uninteresting"
> changes more visible like in the last two hunks for example.

Look at the file and/or the diffs with an editor that has an option to
display control characters or use a dump utility.  The "uninteresting"
changes have a bare <LF> at the end of the line in the original file
rather than the correct (for DOS/Windows) <CR><LF>.  Your editor is
fixing the defective line endings when you save the file (which is a
good thing).
Larry Jones

Just when I thought this junk was beginning to make sense. -- Calvin

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