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cvs diff bug

From: Jiri Moskovcak
Subject: cvs diff bug
Date: Thu, 26 Jul 2007 13:51:31 +0200
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if I try to run "cvs -n -t diff -r BASE -r other_tag foo" and foo is deleted file, the command fails with this message:

-> main loop with CVSROOT=/tmp/test-cvsroot/
-> Reader_Lock(/tmp/test-cvsroot)
-> RCS_checkout (/tmp/test-cvsroot/c.inu,v, 1.1, , , /tmp/cvsUk6bBD)
-> RCS_checkout (/tmp/test-cvsroot/c.inu,v, -1.1, , , (function))
cvs: rcs.c:4207: RCS_checkout: Assertion `rev == ((void *)0) || ((*__ctype_b_loc ())[(int) (((unsigned char) *rev))] & (unsigned short int) _ISdigit)' failed.
cvs [diff aborted]: received abort signal
-> Lock_Cleanup()

It seems that BASE tag expands to -1.1 and rcs tries to checkout version -1.1.

Thanks for any advice.

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