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Wincvs - SSH - Cygwin (hang & crash)

From: maodo toure
Subject: Wincvs - SSH - Cygwin (hang & crash)
Date: Tue, 10 Oct 2006 20:01:41 -0400 (EDT)
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Wincvs, SSH, Cygwin - Is it possible to have this trio run on Windows XP ?

I have CVS server and SSH server running on Linux RHEL4.

I installed (on Windows XP)

- Putty SSH tools
- Cygwin (for ssh command),
- Wincvs (build 1)

SSH connection is working.
Wincvs is working with 'pserver' protocol.

BUT !!! If I try to get my sources by SSH ('ext' protocol), it does not
work. At the first trial, it seemed to be a tcl84.dll, TCL, Python ...
issues. I tried a couple of things ; but, the better Wincvs did is hanging
when I try to check-out sources and crashing if I try to stop the GUI.

Could someone help me find out a solution for having WincVS work with SSH ?

I could UNISTALL cygwin. Then ; where Wincvs will find the ssh executable ?

Thanks in adavance for any helpful suggestion.

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