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Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out

From: Darren Bowles
Subject: Patch for preserving edit on files when checking out
Date: Tue, 22 Mar 2005 09:16:08 -0000

Please find attached my CVS patch for preserving editor flag upon
multiple checkouts.

The issue is : development projects frequently have developers working
on more than 1 branch at the same time.  For instance, they may be
working on forthcoming development work, in addition to fixing live
support issues.

The current code will overwrite a users edit flag if they check out the
source code again.  There is a comment in update.c that suggests it
would be better to do this instead of by user, by work area; which makes
more sense.

When I get a spare couple of days, I will code / implement this feature
as it will be very useful.

This patch adds a new ./configure option called --enable-keep-editing
which will preserve a users edit upon checkout.

I grant permission to distribute this patch under
the terms of the GNU Public License


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