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Re: Feature request/ideas

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: Feature request/ideas
Date: Thu, 10 Mar 2005 13:56:04 -0500
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Frank Hemer wrote:

| Hold on ... it seems I have found a workaround for this:
| /* If a file was added on the trunk, and it is added on * a branch
| in a second step, the '' revision is * dead, and timestamp
| of 1.1 and are equal. * Prevent returning this as root! */

Hrm.  Yes, I think you have it, in about as backwards compatible a
manner as possible (this will cause .root to work consistently for any
branch if a is file added to a branch with a server with this
change).  It won't retroactively fix old branches to work with .root,
but that's not possible to automate since the information just plain
isn't available in the archive files.

The only other potential insertion that might work that I can think
of, would be to try and insert a dead 1.0 revision for all files and
branch off that, but that would require more research to see how many
assumptions were violated in the CVS source.  Of course, I can think
of no additional advantages of this solution, even if it turned out to
work, other than allowing a standard "base" revision for files added
on branches, which I only see as useful to humans gleaning info by
perusing status messages and logs.  I see little reason to prefer it.

So anyway, I think I would be happy with the solution you suggest,
without further research.

| The revision numbers do not necessarily have to be those in the
| above example:-)
| Btw. the problem of .commitid.next and alike is already solved ...
I was simply wondering because you specified that .prev and .next
could only be applied to one file at a time.

Also, .commitid.next as currently defined should be nonsense in almost
all cases.  Only .commitid & .commitid.prev are meaningful.


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