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proxy environment variables

From: Frank Hemer
Subject: proxy environment variables
Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2005 19:11:44 +0100
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the 1.12.x series contains the http tunnel web proxy patch. This patch 
originaly allowed to specify the proxy and proxyport using environment 
variables (PSERVER_PROXY) in the form of 'my.proxy.server[:PORT]', in 
addition to specifying it in the CVSROOT. This has the advantage of not 
having to change an existing CVSROOT if the setup of a proxy server has 
changed, or was added later.
I would like to see this behavior in the current 1.12 tree too, because it 
allows to store and manage the proxy setup separate from the CVSROOT.

What do you think?

- The LinCVS Team -

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