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intermittenly happens when using commit

From: Romeo Gourgue
Subject: intermittenly happens when using commit
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 10:03:34 -0500

Some times when I do a CVS commit, text like the following is appended
to the bottom of the file that I have committed:

date: Friday, February 18, 19105 @ 14:44
author: username
Update of /data/implementation/cvs/operational/bin
In directory system:/data/system1/username/bin

Modified Files:
    emacs-init.el ops-env
Log Message:

This does not happen every time.  When it does happen, I edit it out 
and recommit; but it is annoying.  This started happening right after
the aussie->wizard replacement on S systems.  As part if that project,
Otto installed a new version (1.12.9) of CVS.  Since then, I have used
both the new and the old (1.11) versions of CVS; and have seen this
problem with similar frequency in both versions.
Romeo Gourgue Jr
Network/UNIX Administrator
Space Telescope of Science Institute

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