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Re: windows-NT/mkconfig.pl & windows-NT/fix-msvc-mak.pl change

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: windows-NT/mkconfig.pl & windows-NT/fix-msvc-mak.pl change
Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 14:37:55 -0500
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Conrad T. Pino wrote:


| Hi Derek,
|> From: Derek Price [mailto:address@hidden
|> I've attached the diff.  Conrad or somebody, would you mind
|> verifying that after applying this patch (on WOE32, only the two
|> named files will be relevant)...
| Please define the phrase "two named" files by enumerating the
| names.

The two files are listed in the subject line.  :)

| OK, I'm picking up the goal is run whatever on both Windows and
| UNIX to make sure the generated results are identical.
| File "mkconfig.pl" has changes that prevent is from running with
| PERL implementation supplied with old MKS Tool Kit I have on
| Windows 2000. Error output and MKS PERL version information follow
| at message end.
| I can install a modern PERL binary release which will take some
| time but I could report back results in a day or two.
| What's you preference (1) fix "mkconfig.pl" to run with MKS PERL I
| have or (2) install a modern PERL binary release?

First off, the problem cited in your output is not caused by the patch
I just sent, but I'll deal with it anyhow.

Secondly, I think I would prefer that you use a more modern Perl
release (I've had good luck with the version shipped by ActiveState -
the installer is quick & easy & it doesn't require any external
libraries).  If you really don't want to, you could replace the mv
call with a wrapper function which calls rename, followed by a call to
copy and a call to unlink when the initial rename fails.  This is
necessary because the source and build dirs might be on different file
systems and a simple rename will usually fail in this case.
File::Copy::mv already handles this.

| H:\Conrad\Projects\cvs-1.12\windows-NT>perl mkconfig.pl "mv" is not
| exported by the File::Copy module at
| C:\MKSToolKit/etc/perl/lib/Exporter.pm line 95 Exporter::export
| called at C:\MKSToolKit/etc/perl/lib/Exporter.pm line 149
| Exporter::import called at mkconfig.pl line 4 main::BEGIN called at
|  C:\MKSToolKit/etc/perl/lib/File/Copy.pm line 0 eval {...} called
| at C:\MKSToolKit/etc/perl/lib/File/Copy.pm line 0 Can't continue
| after import errors at mkconfig.pl line 4 BEGIN failed--compilation
| aborted at mkconfig.pl line 4.
| H:\Conrad\Projects\cvs-1.12\windows-NT>perl -v
| This is perl, version 5.003 with DEBUGGING MULTIPLICITY built under
| Windows_NT at Sep 24 1997 00:36:07 + suidperl security patch


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