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log between tags

From: Tommaso Massimi
Subject: log between tags
Date: Wed, 2 Mar 2005 14:36:03 +0100

second send tentative, it seems the first was deliveredy to Larry only.
original message follows

<address@hidden> wrote:
> Tommaso Massimi writes:
> >
> > I made a lot of commit on a file between two tags,
> > but if I try to run
> >
> > cvs log -r tag1::tag2 filename
> [...]
> > I can see only the comment of the last commit I made.
> If you're running client/server, then perhaps your server is too old.

I'm running a client/server, but both them are mandrake 10.1
installed a few months ago, so both cvs's should be quite recent.

I made also the same test on another client/server cvs,
both running fedora FC3 (I haven't the cvs version, sorry):
same result.

> If not, then I suspect that you did not actually have a lot of changes
> between the two tags, because that command has worked fine for a couple
> of years, now.  Try ``cvs status -v'' on the file and see what revisions
> the two tags are attached to.

Today I can't run this test, I'll do it tomorrow and I'll report the result.

By the way, using apache+viewcvs I was able to see all the revisions
of that file and all the logs I wrote.

Further, the command
cvs log -d date1 -d date2 filename
is able to show the comments of each commit I made.

> -Larry Jones
> Philistines. -- Calvin

Thanks for your answer

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