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Re: Feature request/ideas

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: Feature request/ideas
Date: Fri, 25 Feb 2005 11:51:46 -0500
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Frank Hemer wrote:

|> Glancing at your doc and test cases, I gather that this change
|> just tags the revisions and does not yet provide a way to get at
|> the information for diffs/merges/etc.?
| That's right. I didn't like the way cvsnt evaluates tages - or
| better - the commitid tags. Because this is related to the general
| enhancement of tags (.previous and alike), I'm looking forward to
| your suggested shot at implementing Steve Cameron's idea/patch.
| Maybe (probably?) this will allow a better approach?
| However, the current patch allows log and status output to be
| parsed for the commitid on the client side - to identify related
| revisions.
| Btw: The cvsnt uses commitid tags in the following manner:
| @commitid: the specific commit @<commitid: the previous commit
| The id is evaluated in rcs.c::translate_symtag(), adding just a few
| lines would add this all, but imho that solution is not the best.
| It's a matter of compatibility: If we want to stay compatible with
| cvsnt, we have to follow the same policy ... My personal preference
| would at least be to use sth. more clear like 'id:' to identify a
| symbolic tag as a commitid, instead of the '@' char. But most
| likely that's not worth breaking compatibility ... maybe allow
| both???
| What do others think about this?

How about .commitid./commitid/ (where "/commitid/" is replaced with
the actual commitid), with @ as an acceptable alias for ".commitid."
for compatibility with CVSNT?  Then .commitid./commitid/.previous or
@</commitid/ could be used to specify the previous revision.


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