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Re: Unexpected directory-entry in CVS/Entries

From: gnu-cvs
Subject: Re: Unexpected directory-entry in CVS/Entries
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005 17:56:34 +0100
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*WHAT* error message?!?

I thought, in this case it was crystal clear: something like "sub2/file2.txt" is not available in the repository, because the sub2-stuff comes from a different repository than the one from the current working directory (sub1).


Larry Jones wrote:
address@hidden writes:

+ sub2/

Situation a)
You have checked out sub1 and sub2 from the same repository (but different locations in it). Invoking 'cvs update' in sub1 dives into sub2. Invoking 'cvs update sub2/file2.txt' fetches the file.

This is the correct behavior regardless of whether sub1 and sub2 come
from the same repository or different repositories.

Situation b)
You have checked out sub1 and sub2 from two different repositories (e.g. one pserver and another ext). Invoking 'cvs update' in sub1 only processes the sub1 directory. Invoking 'cvs update sub2/file2.txt" produces an error message.

*WHAT* error message?!?  How do you expect us to help you when you won't
tell us any details about the error?  I cannot reproduce your problem
with CVS 1.11.19 -- situation b works just like situation a, as it
should.  Please recreate the problem using ``cvs -t'' to get a trace and
post the results.

-Larry Jones

We don't ATTEND parties, we just CRASH 'em. -- Calvin

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