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Re: lines modified in newly-added files

From: Derek Price
Subject: Re: lines modified in newly-added files
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2005 12:40:20 -0500
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Neil Conway wrote:

| Jim.Hyslop wrote:
|> Maybe it could be turned on using a command-line option, e.g.:
|> cvs commit -a
|> -a Display the number of lines added/removed for new or deleted
|> files.
| I'm don't think that a flag to "commit" is the right place -- I
| want this change to take effect retroactively on old repositories.
| Also, a flag at commit-time seems too inflexible -- why not
| postpone the decision about the format of the log until the user
| actually asks for it, rather than hard-coding it at commit-time?
| I'd be fine with a flag to "log" if people think that's worth
| doing.

It seems to me that `log' would definitely be the place for any flag,
especially as there should be no new information being saved to the
RCS files, only an extra calculation during parsing of the RCS file
and an extra calculation when the log information is printed out.

Of course, I'm not sure I see the utility of a flag here, regardless,
as long as the change remains on feature.  The only useful script that
may break that I can think of would be one that is calculating the
same information Neil is proposing to add to `cvs log' and such a
script could be easily modified to trust the new output from CVS instead.

Jim, do you have a particular failure case in mind?  I am tempted to
say that since this will only go into feature that a flag is not worth
the trouble unless some specific problems are encountered.


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