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RE: :ext: with ssh failure on w2k - patch

From: Conrad T. Pino
Subject: RE: :ext: with ssh failure on w2k - patch
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005 12:15:29 -0800

Hi Derek,

> From: Derek Price
> I don't like this patch.  It must be in the wrong direction.  I refuse
> to believe that there is really no way to set non-blocking mode on a
> file descriptor on Windows.  Surely there is a header that could be
> included to get at the F_GETFL, O_NONBLOCK, & F_SETFL macros?
> Alternatively, surely there is an alternative function (to fcntl) that
> may have the same effect of setting the nonblock flag on the file?

At the Windows 32-bit API level, blocking vs. non-blocking has no real
meaning because ALL file handles are non-blocking.  All I/O functions
have blocking and non-blocking implementations.  The developer chooses
blocking behavior by choosing the appropriate API function.

CVS has problems because it is NOT written to use the Windows 32-bit API.
CVS is written to the Windows POSIX layer which is known to be a poor
POSIX implementation.

I don't claim to understand this issue but if someone can point out the
problem code and make a clear statement about the desired behavior that
is needed from the Windows API then I'll commit some time to making code

> Cheers,


> Derek


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