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From Dr. Adeniji

From: olu
Subject: From Dr. Adeniji
Date: Sun, 23 Jan 2005 04:29:33 +0100 (CET)


I am Hon. Dr. Adeniji Olu, Minister Foreign Affairs Ministry; my office 
monitors and controls the affairs of all banks and financial institutions in 
Nigeria concerned with foreign contract payments/inheritance. I am the final 
signatory to any transfer or remittance of huge funds moving within banks both 
on the local and international levels in line to foreign contracts settlement. 
I have before me list of funds, which could not be transferred to some 
nominated accounts as these accounts have been identified either as ghost 
accounts, unclaimed deposits and over-invoiced sum etc. I have the opportunity 
to write you based on the instructions I received days ago from the Senate 
Committee on Contract Payments / Foreign Debts to submit the List of payment 
reports / expenditures and audited reports of revenues. Among several others.

>From the intelligence-monitoring unit I became aware of an outstanding payment 
>due to be paid to your company. My further appraisals prior to signing the 
>offshore payment approval reveals the stunts and hiccups on the part of the 
>payment to you. Have you asked yourself why each time your fund is approved 
>for payment, one problem or the other will come up? I have personally 
>confirmed the true source of the money, which has become an open secret to me.

Be that as it may, I am conditionally prepared to assist you get the money, 
practically after studying the part leading to this particular stage in the 
payment process in connivance with your local collaborators to conceal the 
authentic source of the funds. And my only condition for the unusual assistance 
is for you to reach me directly on my private telephone no: 234 1 7753961 for a 
mutual agreement on how you should compensate me after confirming the said fund 
into your nominated bank account any where in the world. Should you comply 
promptly, the money shall be electronically wired into your bank account within 
(72 hours) from now.

In all fairness it is important that you stop all further communication with 
the proxy representative, all ministry and government agencies including your 
local partners here and outside Nigeria until you confirm your payment. This is 
necessary to forestall all petitions from them that may force me to put a hold 
instrument on the payment sine-die. You are however at liberty to get back to 
your local partners for all settlement after receiving your money. The 
significance of these is to put a hold on all distortion that may delay my 
signing the payment release order on my table.On your call, I shall give you 
guidelines on how the funds will be paid to you. It is very urgent that you 
reach me on phone for a gentlemanly mutual agreement, which shall be 
implemented after you may have received your money into your account. Failure 
to adhere to this directive shall compel me to suspend the payment indefinitely 
as long as the source of the fund has become an open secret to me. Note:
  You can never get paid unless you adhere to this instruction.

Waiting for your reply soon.
Tel: 234 1 7753961
Minister for Foreign Affairs
Federal Republic of Nigeria
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