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From: lichungho
Date: Thu, 13 Jan 2005 06:54:38 -0500

Dear Friend,

My name is Li Chung Ho.I am writing to inform you of a profitable business 
investment opportunity.

The capital sum involved is USD$50,000,000.00 [Fifty million united states 
dollars] and it will be disbursed from a private account owned by a friend 
[Mr.Hoi Sui Ho] at the International Bank of Asia(IBA),Hong Kong.

For complete details,get in contact with: 

Mr.Paul England
Fax Nos:+ 44 8701203385
Central London
United kingdom

Please,specify that you are making enquiries about "MR.HOI SUI HO" and the 
International Bank of Asia,Hong Kong.However,your sincere answers to the 
following questions is also a vital determinant to the 
commitment of the entire project into your hands.
Please,answer sincerely:

(1) Do you have a bank account capable of receiving this money?
(2) Is this bank account a company or personal one?
(3) If you own a company,what is the annual turn-over?
(4) Are you currently indebted to anyone,corporate or individual?
(5) Can you manage this funds profitably?

Should you prefer to be called,send me your private cellphone number and 
Mr.Paul England will be instructed to call you.A total 4% of the $50M will be 
paid to you as 'partnership management fees'.I look forward to hearing from you 

Moreover,I suggest that you visit this news site to be better 
acquainted with the business project on our hands:


Thank you.

Mr.Li Chung Ho

- http://www.xpedition2galapagos.com

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