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client/server Gzip-stream weirdness in 1.12.10

From: Jörg Bullmann
Subject: client/server Gzip-stream weirdness in 1.12.10
Date: Wed, 24 Nov 2004 21:06:37 +0100

Hi everyone,

Working on MacCVSClient, I found a strange anomaly
with a 1.12.10 server where a 1.11.18 server is
working without a hitch. The problem seems to be
related to Gzip-stream compression (not

I have a very small import with an example folder.
Using any compression level (I tried 2 and 3)
the 1.12.10 server seems to get stuck and doesn't
send any responses back (as far as I can judge).

The 1.11.18 server has no problem at all and works

I can supply you with the exact byte streams
MacCVSClient is sending to the server (z2, z3
and uncompressed) and also with the folder
hierarchy that I am importing (only six small
test files).

I don't think this has to do with zlib 1.2.1
because I downloaded it, built it and linked
MacCVSClient against it -- no difference.

Platforms: extensive comparison of 1.11.18 and
1.12.10 on Mac OS X 10.3.6. A quick test on
SuSE Linux ?? (gcc 3.3.1) and a 1.12.10
CVS built out of the box there yielded the

Please let me know, if anyone is interested in
my test data here. Should I file this as an


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