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cvs export usage text

From: Jerry . Nairn
Subject: cvs export usage text
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 2004 11:22:14 -0700

Since export requires either a tag or a date:

line 69 (export usage message)

the line:
"Usage: %s %s [-NRfln] [-r rev] [-D date] [-d dir] [-k kopt] module...\n",

should read:
(a) "Usage: %s %s [-NRfln] [-r tag | -D date] [-d dir] [-k kopt] 

or (gack!):
(b) "Usage: %s %s [-NRfln] -r tag | -D date [-d dir] [-k kopt] 

See the diff usage message for something like (a) above. It is not quite 
perfect since it seems to imply that a tag or date is not required, only 
mutually exclusive. The second example (b) could be misinterpreted as a 
pipe, however. I'm not sure what the proper usage message syntax would be.

In the lines after that,

" -r rev  Export revision or tag."

Is incorrect because export will not accept a numeric revision, only a 
It should be:
" -r tag  Export a tag."

" -r tag  Export revisions with a symbolic tag."

or possibly:
" -r tag  Export a tag. Either '-D date' or '-r tag' must be specified."


Jerry Nairn
Build and Release Engineer
Language Tools
Microchip Technology Incorporated

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