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regarding reserved checkout in wincvs

From: nallu ignacius
Subject: regarding reserved checkout in wincvs
Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2004 21:05:11 +0530

Dear All,
In our company I have configured cvs repository in redhat 9 server.All
client PCs use wincvs and ssh in win PCs and gcvs in Linux
PCs.Everything has been setup properly.
I also used vss2cvs perl script to convert vss repository to cvs
repository.The difference between vss checkedout sandbox and cvs
checkedout sandbox was determined using WinMerge directory compare.Wow
It was such an wonderful script.Everything was fine and
Now we have decided to use winCVS and do edits using
Reserved-Edit.Conflicts wont occur if people use reserved edit[We
can't use unreserved-checkout model people are afraid of resolving
The problem is that each time when a person needs to edit a file he
has to "update" the file first and then do "reserved edit
selection".Do any of you have scripts for winCVS that will
automatically do "cvs update <filename>" and then "cvs edit -c
<filename>", whenever a user clicks "reserved edit selection".Look
this must be integrated into winCVS as a right-click menu item or
atleast it must be tcl script or anything of such sort.
This will be of great use to me.
I also have a doubt,whenever a user clicks "cvs edit"["cvs edit
<filename>] for a file in wincvs, is it possible to make the server to
interpret it always as "reserved edit"["cvs edit -c <filename>" ]

Thank you

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