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advertising inquiry for webdirectory.com

From: Lance Kotcher
Subject: advertising inquiry for webdirectory.com
Date: Tue, 9 Nov 2004 12:22:12 -0600


PartyPoker.com is interested in advertising on webdirectory.com.

I understand that your company may have policies against advertising for
gambling sites.  This inquiry is not for advertising of the PartyPoker.com
website itself, but more of a press release for poker in general.

PartyPoker.com would be willing to pay a flat fee (from $500 and up) for
setting up a poker promotional folder within your site.  This would take
you less than 2 minutes of set up, and would require no promotional effort
on your end.  The folder would look like this webdirectory.com/partypoker  
You can take a look at http://SexAndTheCity.com/partypoker to see an
example of what the final page would look like.  Payment would be upfront,
and would be paid regardless of results.

I also would like the chance to discuss other ways we can buy exposure on
your network.

If this of interest or you would like more information please give me a
call or shoot me an email.  If by any chance, my contact information is
incorrect, please let me know
and I will not contact you again.

Best Regards,
Lance Kotcher

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