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wrong informations after broken pipe error

From: Andre.Steffens
Subject: wrong informations after broken pipe error
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 2004 12:11:42 +0100


CVS Version: 1.11.17

I want to add some contents to the cvs (branch xxx - not HEAD). The following 
log is created: 

"cvs.exe" "-q" "add" "test1" "test2" "test3"

? test1/_data
? test1/_docs
? test1/test1.php
? test2/test2.php
? test3/test3.php
Directory /test1 added to the repository
--> Using per-directory sticky tag `B501'
cvs [add aborted]: received broken pipe signal

After this command only test1 was created in the cvs. But in CVS/entries all 
files and dirs are written.

It's not possible to repeat or rollback the action!

Thanx for your help!

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