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Re: Assertion at line 52 of fileattr.c

From: James Gatt
Subject: Re: Assertion at line 52 of fileattr.c
Date: Wed, 03 Nov 2004 00:14:53 +0000
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Mark D. Baushke wrote:

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James Gatt <address@hidden> writes:

It appears that the pointer "unrecog_head" declared as static at line
39 of fileattr.c is never initialised. I have recently seen a server
crash with the assertion at line 52 failing.

The unrecog_head should have been placed into the 'bss' section and
should be getting initialized to NULL when cvs is first loaded.

I confess I did not look in sufficient detail to determine if that was the case. I just saw no static initialiser.

It is just me, or is this a bug that has gone unnoticed for a long
time? (The version of the server we have is old, but I am looking in
the current source.)

If you have the core file, you should look to see what unrecognized type
was being preserved in the FILEATTR file in your repository.

If I had to guess, you have something corrupt in your repository in a
CVS/fileattr file.

If you can describe the problem you have, we can look into making cvs
more robust for future releases.

If / when it happens again I will keep the CVS/fileattr file and post it here. I simply deleted this in both cases, and it fixed the fault with no side effects. The files and directories which had acquired the CVS/fileattr were intended to be no different from the rest of the repository which did not have these. I am still not aware of what was done differently to cause the creation of these CVS/fileattr files.


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