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CVS shedule

From: Francois Willot
Subject: CVS shedule
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 08:54:18 +0200


I am reporting a small bug that may or may not have been fixed (I figure
you'll know better than me). I used CVS 1.11.2. I did the following:

1. create a directoy
 $ cvs add newdir
 $ cvs commit -m 'new dir'
2. added files to this directory
 $ touch newdir/new file
 $ cvs add newdir/*
 $ cvs commit -m 'new file'

But it sheduled for addition the CVS directory itself while doing that,
and when comitting, CVS rightly said that it won't add a CVS directory
vecause CVS use the CVS directory for its own purpose. So I had to
manually delete the line with 'D///CVS' in CVS/Entries, but still other
users could not update because of a CVS lock.

I think CVS should not accept to shedul CVS for addition.

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