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cvs admin -o<branchTag> can remove base revision

From: Josh Baudhuin
Subject: cvs admin -o<branchTag> can remove base revision
Date: Thu, 19 Aug 2004 11:34:31 -0700

Apologies for not using a proper form, wherever that is.

I was investigating the behavior of  cvs admin -o<branch>  because I
wanted to get rid of the revisions on a temporary branch.

The command will remove the latest revision on the specified branch,
which I guess is okay. I presume that  cvs admin -o:<branch>  will
remove all the revisions on the branch.

But what if the file doesn't (yet) have any revisions on the branch,
just the branch tag?

Then what happens is the revision on which the branch was based will be
removed. Yikes!

cvs admin -o:<branch>  with no actual revisions is even worse.

Not sure this is a bug per se, but it's clearly a place where a
safeguard would not only be unequivocally good, it would make the
functionality more useful (e.g., in my scenario where I just want to get
rid of all of the revisions on a branch, but I could literally care less
about whether a file actually has any revisions on the branch checked

joshb -at- cadence -dot- com

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