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Re: cvs history sends incorrect data

From: Thomas Singer
Subject: Re: cvs history sends incorrect data
Date: Fri, 06 Aug 2004 08:51:47 +0200
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Hi Larry,

Did you take a closer look at the lines I provided? The last (CheckoutCommand.java) line is incomplete, it just stops in the mid of the path. There is also no "== <remote>" at the end.

But the whole connection is still working. Otherwise there would not be an OK response after that.

Best regards,
Thomas Singer

Larry Jones wrote:
address@hidden writes:

We are using GNU CVS 1.12.5 as our CVS server. When performing the
command 'cvs history -x AMR -a -D 2004-08-05 15:33 +0000' the output
stops at a certain line, e.g. the last responses from the server are:

M M 2004-08-05 15:33 +0000 singer 1.7  QTable.java                                    
== <remote>
M M 2004-08-05 15:33 +0000 singer 1.5  CheckoutCommand.java                     

Is this a known bug? Maybe it is already fixed in a newer version?

Is *what* a known bug?!?  The output stops because there aren't any more
history records that match your criteria.  Why do you think the output
is incorrect?

-Larry Jones

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