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cvs update not pulling in changes

From: David Carson
Subject: cvs update not pulling in changes
Date: 28 Jul 2004 16:25:18 -0700

Two of my developers have discovered a very strange problem.  Let's
call them Bob and Joe.

- Bob has version of helper.c in his working copy.  He
modifies it and is preparing to check it in.
- Joe also has, modifies and commits before Bob has a chance.
- Bob does a 'cvs update' (using WinCvs), which tells him that he has
a modified copy of helper.c.  However:
 . it does not pull in the _changes_ from Joe
 . it _does_ update the version to
If Bob commits now, he undoes Joe's changes and adds his own changes.

This behavior only happens on this one file.  I tried to recreate by
doing my own change to helper.c.  I was unable to recreate it.  I
don't know if the difference was the fact that I am involved, the fact
that we are now one revision further along, or what.  I'm mystified. 
It has happened to Bob twice.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to look at the file in Bob's
working copy _before_ he does the offending update.  If I get that
chance, can anyone think of something I can look for to indicate why
the update is not pulling in Joe's changes during the update?

Server: 1.11.16
Client: WinCvs (Bob's)
        WinCvs (Joe's)

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