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cvs ls/rls fail for filename args

From: Lane, Jim
Subject: cvs ls/rls fail for filename args
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 2004 11:47:31 -0400

Sorry to send this bug report from MS Outlook, but cvsbug program producted
a couple screen's worth of errors like:
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 100: readcf: map user: class user not available
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 119: readcf: map arith: class arith not
/etc/mail/sendmail.cf: line 149: readcf: map domaintable: class hash not

To: address@hidden
Subject: cvs ls/rls fail for filename args
From: address@hidden
Reply-To: address@hidden
X-send-pr-version: 3.2

>Submitter-Id:  net
>Originator:    Jim Lane
>Organization:  Goldman, Sachs & Co.
>Confidential:  no
>Synopsis:  cvs ls/rls fail for filename args
>Severity:  non-critical
>Priority:  medium
>Category:  cvs
>Class:     sw-bug
>Release:   1.12.9
Server System: SunOS amber 5.6 Generic_105181-31 sun4u sparc SUNW,Ultra-60
Server Architecture: sun4
Client Systems: XP, Linux, Solaris

    The cvs "ls" and "rls" commands fail with filename arguments.
    Here is the failure message:

        termite:bin> cvs ls highlight
        ls.c:400: failed assertion `p'
        cvs [ls aborted]: received abort signal

    The failure only occurs when supplying filenames as arguments,
    directory names work as advertised. The failure mode is identical
    for clients on Linux, Solaris, and XP.  I have tried a number of
    option combinations, but cannot stop the failure.

    It consistantly fails whenever filenames are used as arguments
    cvs ls <filename>
>Fix:  Sorry - I wish I knew.

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