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NiDUS Heal Stick, from U.S.A

From: NiDUS Heal Stick U.S.A
Subject: NiDUS Heal Stick, from U.S.A
Date: Sun, 11 Jul 2004 12:38:02 -0700

To: Sales Dept
From: NiDUS Deal Stick
      Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A

Re: Become a Distriogutor for NiDUS Heal STick.
(ЗС±ЫА» їшЗПЅГёй ЗС±Ы·ОµИ ѕИі»№®А» єёі»µеё®°ЪАѕґПґЩ .)

WE hate to send this unsolicited letter, but this is
the only way to introduce you with our NiDUS Heal Stick,
that helps prevent and helps heal dry, chapped, tired,
weather-damaged body.  Healing and soothing through natural 
ingredients, such as bees wax and Vitamin E with as low as
$0.49 per each stick if you become our dealer, Exclusive is
of course available. 

Our all natural lip balms taste and smell great, 
feel great, And help protect your body from the sun, 
wind, and anything else that harms your skin. 

Cold, wind, sun.
They all take a toll on your body. 

Jump into a whole new world of natural moisturizers from NiDUS Heal Stick.
Following is the list of some of our products.

- Eczema Heal Stick: works on eczema, dermatitis, rashes, and hives. 
                   Immediate relief for itching and skin lesions.

- Pimple Heal Stick: A unique, non-alcoholic, mild, cooling, refreshing, 
                   clarifying and fragrance-free product. 

- Hand and Foot Stick: cracked heels, hangnails, cracked and split fingertips. 
- Insect Bite Heal Balm: Brings quick insect bite relief, that stops pain, 
                       itching, and swelling of insect bites. 

- Pregnancy Belly Butter stick: Soothes tight itchy skin,Softens, Moisturizes, 
                              Tones and Protects pregnant belly.
- Muscle pain Heal stick: Natural Relief for sore and aching muscles and joints.

- Baby Diaper Rash Heal Stick: protecting, soothing and healing for tender 
                             cradle cap and minor rashes, scrapes and burns.

All of our Sticks are not medicine, they are rich Natural Skin Protecting balm.
Jump into a whole new world of natural moisturizers from NiDUS?Heal Stick.

Dealer prices could be as low as $0.49 per each stick.
We also have BEAUTIFUL RETAIL DISPLAY PACKAGEs for the potential dealers.

We also have a good marketing strategy for your country.
So, if you're interested in, let us know, we'll take you to our website
for more information.
(ЗС±ЫА» їшЗПЅГёй ЗС±Ы·ОµИ ѕИі»№®А» єёі»µеё®°ЪАѕґПґЩ .)


P/S: If you prefer Korean language, we can write in Korean, too.

"Larger manufacturers use cheap and sometimes addictive ingredients; 
we'd rather make an excellent quality natural product. 
We DO NOT use, colorants, artificial preservatives or any of 
those weird chemical additives that most of us can't even pronounce."

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