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RE: fake - Remove

From: msdn
Subject: RE: fake - Remove
Date: Mon, 5 Jul 2004 18:51:35 -0700

MSDN Auto-Response: Please do not reply back to this e-mail as this is
not a monitored mailbox. 

We really do want your submission. To enable us to provide you with a
more timely response, please submit your questions or feedback via the
MSDN Contact Us web form at
Please select an option from the list that best aligns with the subject
of your mail. 

**Please note: 
If you have a Microsoft Product or technical (how to) support question,
you will get a faster resolution and be better served by using the
options available and detailed in the Microsoft Support Site at:
Links to the knowledge base, support phone numbers, online support and
submitting feedback about our products options are available from within
the left hand side navigation. 
Q1: Why have you switched from e-mail to a Web form? 
A1: The MSDN Contact Us Web form enables us to provide you with a
quicker response by eliminating the huge volumes of spam that our e-mail
addresses attract. We recognize that legitimate customers like yourself
have used this e-mail address in the past to contact Microsoft. This
auto reply is sent to inform you of these changes and your options.
Please bookmark the MSDN Contact Us link above and remove the MSDN
mail-to e-mail address you used from your address book. 

Q2: When did Microsoft.com Contact Us implement this new process? 
A2: April 4th 2003. 

Q3: Why did I get this auto-response if I am responding to an existing
MSDN Contact Us inquiry that has this return e-mail address? 
A3: Take a look at your sent messages folder in your e-mail application
to review the subject line of the e-mail you sent this alias. Does it
have an MSDN Contact Us inquiry number in the format of CSTx x xID,
where x is an eight-digit number? 
- Yes: Unfortunately we can only process inquiry less than three months
old. Please create a new inquiry using the MSDN Contact Us link above. 
- No: If you removed or edited the subject line of the e-mail, please
resend your e-mail to this address with the original subject line. It
should have the original Microsoft.com Contact Us inquiry number. 

Q4: How do I know that someone will actually read my feedback? 
A4: Our MSDN Contact Us customer support representatives read every
piece of feedback that we receive via the MSDN Contact Us Web form. If
you ask us a question and provide us with your e-mail address, we will
send you a response. If you send us feedback, we will route it to the
right people at Microsoft. 

Q5: Why did your Web site have a link to this e-mail address? 
A5: We replaced e-mail links on our Web site with links to the MSDN
Contact Us Web form. If you found one that we missed, please visit the
MSDN Contact Us Web form (link above) and let us know. We really
appreciate your assistance.

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